Just a little of the feedback we've had.....


"Following my visit to you, I had a revelation. I no longer felt trapped in a swamp of negative thoughts about myself and was able to allow my self to be happy, free of guilt for things that I have no control over. Those dark visions and memories that invaded my mind, drifted into insignificance. I came away from you, liberated. This is my life and I'm going to live it, whichever way I choose. I deserve it. Thank you Philip for opening my cage and setting me free. With love to you both". Wendy. Xx

"We can not thank Philip enough for the life changing experience for our 13 year old daughter. Eight months ago following a ski accident three weeks earlier she suddenly lost all feeling in her left arm and movement from the wrist down whilst at school. As I'm sure you can imagine this was a frightening time for us all, especially my daughter as it impacted on her life in many ways, preventing her from initially doing many of the things she loved. Medical test after medical test came back negative for nerve damage and the neurologist decided that her brain had switched her arm off to avoid further pain or injury, which is not uncommon in intelligent young girls she told us. She underwent months of physiotherapy and occupational therapy before someone suggested we try CBT and then a colleague recommended Philip describing him as life changing.

Within three sessions she now has a fully working wrist and hand with all feeling restored. However, due to her age she was a little reluctant to begin with and needed three sessions to maintain the use of her hand. She now has full use of her hand and amazingly hasn't lost much power or range of movement in it.
Following the first session with Philip where he got the hand and arm fully functioning again within 45 minutes I left thinking about what I could possibly go and see Philip for. This man is truly amazing and worth every penny. I only wish would found him sooner". Claire Lincoln.

"A few weeks ago, my 20-year-old daughter visited Phillip to partake in two sessions of NLP therapy. For the last 8 years she has suffered from severe depression and anxiety having self harmed and suicidal thoughts. Throughout these years we have tried every single thing possible, including counselling and medication, to help relieve her symptoms and get her back on track to feeling well again. However, these methods only provided relief for a short period of time or no relief at all.
I can honestly say, I have never seen such a change in her in such a short space of time as I did after she visited Phillip and continue to see her improve! Within two days of the therapy, she was motivated in the respect that she could get out of bed in the morning, walk the dog, clean her bedroom, go shopping by herself and more. She was optimistic, looking positively at the future and at her life rather than seeing life as a daunting prospect. She was reading more and was open to using self-help techniques whereas this was something she dismissed prior to her NLP therapy. My daughter also took it upon herself to sign up for Open University and sorted all of this out by herself.
Friends and family have also noticed and commented on how much brighter my daughter is, how much more confident she is and how content she is. Going to work was a very daunting prospect for her and was something that caused numerous panic attacks before she even left the house. She now enjoys going to work, earning her own money and being independent. As a mother, this has improved my health too not having as much worry and finally seeing a light at the end of tunnel to having a happy and healthy child.
I would highly recommend Philip to anyone who would benefit from the therapy's he has to offer! My daughter finally feels that life is worth living! I can't thank you enough Philip"! Julie M - Louth  

"My daughter had not been sleeping a full night for a year when we took her to see Philip. After two hours, all she could talk about was how "magical" he was. This was two years ago and her sleep pattern has been great ever since. Our whole family has got Philip to thank for sleeping well at night". Maria Round

"I came to see you a few years ago as I was suffering very badly from anxiety and I was also terrified of flying to the extent that getting on a short flight to Spain was an ordeal. I used to feel sick weeks before a flight and used to hate that I never had the opportunity to feel excited for holidays like everyone else. The last few days of my holidays would always be ruined too due to the anticipation of the flight home.

I only ended up having the one session with you which I'm sure isn't the best from a business point of view but it really helped me to start feeling better. After that I managed more flights and found that I was oddly, in my opinion at the time, beginning to look forward to them! Instead of terror I had begun looking forward to the opportunity of spending several hours chilling out and watching movies and reading books! I then started going to places I'd always wanted to like LA and the Maldives. Finally last year I completed my dream of going traveling around Australia and Thailand which involved a lot of flights! While there I also took a tour in a small four seat helicopter and completed a 14,000ft skydive at Mission Beach. I'm not going to lie and say I was not scared while doing that but I think that is a normal reaction to have before throwing oneself out of a plane!

So I just wanted to say thank you for the part you played in helping me do the traveling I'd always hoped to do. I don't mind if you want to share this with any clients also scared of flying. If someone had told me five years ago I would one day do a skydive I'd have bet everything I owned that I wouldn't have so it is amazing to think what a difference can be made. Thanks again". Ashley Chapman

"Since visiting you last week, I have been able to face a very difficult and traumatic situation with complete calmness and confidence and the techniques you have taught me have helped to reinforce those feelings. I feel empowered now as I have become a strong, confident woman, unafraid of anyone, whereas before, I was so easily intimidated! The transformation is incredible and I would not have believed I could remain so relaxed and unworried by what used to be a very stressful situation. Many, many thanks Philip - you are a genius!" Very best wishes, Debbie.

“This was an extraordinary day, which blew my mind and left me speechless! I have had a phobia of lifts for many, many, years. Philip used a technique on me that he teaches on his course and within less than a minute, my phobia had been totally cured. Sounds incredible, and it was! Literally straight after this exercise I was able to travel in a lift at the venue by myself! one word; AMAZING!”  Georgie

I was recommended to Philip Underwood by a friend; my 7 year old son was struggling to cope with emotions from remarks made by other children and was feeling low in confidence.  Philip chatted with my son during which time they discussed coping strategies.  The meeting had an instant impact on my child's behaviour - he is now happier and more confident.  He has since put the methods of dealing with emotions into practice and has dealt with hurtful comments.  He has had the confidence to turn the situation around and has since befriended the children who, in the past, have caused upset to his life.  This has had an extremely positive impact on my child's daily life which has, in turn, had a knock-on effect for the whole family.  Fabulous!
Jayne Smith

"Thank you very much. I went to work the following day following only a one hour session, and what a change! I felt that I had started afresh and was able to face up to issues that I had shied away from. All my work colleagues had noticed a big change. I cannot thank you enough and owe you a big thank you “ - P.O., Lincoln

"Looking back all I can do is smile about it - I think I am fixed for good" - Helen, Lincoln

"Just a short note to thank you so much. I came away feeling more positive and more able to look at myself and start putting things right” - Chris, Newark

"Just a line to say thank you for curing me of my phobia (of butterflies).  There was a time when I would have been unable to touch this card and the thought of a real butterfly near me would have terrified me.  But, thanks to you, this is no longer the case" - Yvonne, Kent

"The personal sessions with you brought about a lot of changes in my life to myself, to my husband, work, the whole outer world. I thank you from the bottom of my soul for your help……” - Marie-Jose, The Netherlands

"Since installing what I learned from you into my daily life, the improvement in my health and general attitude has been remarkable.  I cannot express how much benefit I gained as the written word cannot possibly convey my true feelings.  Life-changing would be an understatement" - Lesley, Kent

"Thank you so much for what you have done - I am really grateful.  I have had comments from my friends and colleagues that my eyes are sparkling - I am now free of something which has been occupying the forefront of my mind for so long" - Helen, Lincoln

"I can't thank you enough for your help the other week. I truly feel that my life has been turned around - in just one session! As you will see from the enclosed picture, I not only attended my graduation ceremony - free from panic attacks - but I also thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the run up to it, and of course the day its self. More magical for me though are the unexpected benefits from "the treatment" - I don't procrastinate anymore (no more thinking "I should" instead I just do it"). I'm eating healthier, exercising more and don't even have a desire for a "little tipple" - I have found that I am able to calm myself down when I get anxious by using the spinning energy technique you taught. I know that I still have a lot of work to do in correcting harmful patterns that I have created, but I now have the belief and confidence that I can do this - and I'm so much more positive because of it! I am car less at the moment but will be in touch as soon as I have transport again to tackle my OCD problem, but in the meantime wanted to thank you for everything you have done". Gill Harvey Lincs 

"Since attending your workshop my life has taken a new direction. The blockages in my spiritual growth that I’ve been trying to free for years have been cleared giving me a new energy and inspiration to life. I have also been put in touch with my self-worth again allowing me to continue my path as a whole person. Thank you so very, very much”. Kate Willet. Hitchin.

“Thank you very much for such a brilliantly inspiring weekend, I shall never forget the experience or any of the beautiful people I shared it with”. Mick Bowerman. Rushden.

“Since installing what I learned from you into my daily life the improvement in my health and general attitude has been remarkable. I cannot express how much benefit I gained from the workshop as the written word cannot possible convey my true feelings. Life changing would be an understatement. My awareness has improved dramatically”. Lesley Downard. Maidstone.

“Your course lit up areas of my life and help me understand myself better. How much better it would have been to have attended in 1961 instead of 1991. Ian McLeod. Rochester.

“I don’t have the words to adequately convey my feelings. Thank you seems to fall short but I have no doubt that you appreciate the impact this wonderful course has had on my life”. Kate McCarthy-Harris. Lincs.

"Philip is a truly remarkable individual, he has personally helped me first as a therapist to help me overcome many limiting beliefs and to improve personal patterns of behaviour to enable me to become a more effective and hopefully more likable individual. Add to this Philip's 30 years of knowledge and unique insight into all aspects of what I would call accelerated personal development techniques and you have a truly unique course which offers exceptional value for money." Alan Kaye. York.

"I can honestly say that your course has been a life-changing experience. I have learned so much about myself and how to interact more effectively with others. I am better able to control my reactions to triggers and this has enriched my life greatly. I look forward to every course weekend eagerly. You created a warm, safe, stimulating environment from the start. The friendly, informal atmosphere makes for a highly enjoyable learning experience”. Hazel Simpson. Scunthorpe.

"Since undertaking Philip's training, I have been consistently impressed with the material being delivered and the outcomes I am already seeing within my personal and professional lives. The NLP and additional skills Philip is teaching are both far-reaching and practical. I can already see the benefits to my clients of the integration of his principles into my therapeutic practice. I highly recommend this training and the trainer, whether your goal is personal or professional development." Alan McPherson. Leicester.